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The Cupán Cré – Clay Cup: Symbol and Worldview emerged from a synthesise of lucys ceramic and academic work. It is an endeavour to cultivate and encourage new ways of understanding and celebrating our interconnections with the living word.

Lucy Dolan graduated in 1997 with a BA in Ceramic Design from the Crawford College of Art and Design, Co. Cork, Ireland. In 1995 she graduated from the Crafts Council of Irelands Pottery Skills Course in Co. Kilkenny. In 1998 she returned to her home county Offaly where she began ‘Lucy Ceramics’ a production ceramics business supplying shops at home and abroad with large-scale decorative tableware. Lucy wound down the business to develop her interest in creating more artistically expressive one off sculptural ceramic work.

Lucy has studied transpersonal and depth psychology. In 2018 she returned to academia to explore and deepen her understanding of the interconnectedness of the living world and received an MA in Ecopsychology, a multidisciplinary MA that combines the Sciences: Ecology and Biology with the Humanities: Psychology and Mythology. The combination of her interest in the Arts, Sciences and Humanities lead to the development and creation of the Cupán Cré – Clay Cup Symbol and Worldview.

Lucy lives in County Kerry.  She is currently writing her first book on the ‘Cupán Cré – Clay Cup Symbol and Worldview’ © 2018 All Rights Reserved, while also hosting exhibitions and talks on the project.

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